Most heraldic traditions grant arms and other regalia only to a specific individual, rather than a family. Coats of arms are considered legal property and can only be used undifferentiated by one person at any given time. Other descendants of the original bearer could bear the ancestral arms only with some change, usually a different color or the addition of a distinguishing charge. One notable, and important exception to this would be in Ireland, where arms can be granted and used, unaltered, by verifiable and registered direct descendants and sometimes even verifiable septs. In all cases this needs would then need to be approved and registered by the appropriate regulatory authority.

Arms. Shields, Badges, and other regalia shown below are some of those granted to various Jam?son.

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Granted, in the mid 1800s, to John Jameson, Esq., of Winfield, County Galway, Ireland, eldest son of James Jameson, Esq., of Winfield and Mount Rose, County Dublin. and grandson of John Jameson, Esq., Sheriff and Clerk of County Clackmannan, Scotland.

The use if theses arms were also granted to his son, James Francis Jameson, and grandson Maurice Eyre Francis Bellingham Jameson.

Az. a saltire or, cantoned in chief and flanks by Roman galleys ppt. and a buglehorn in base of the second. Crest - A Roman galley ppr. the sail gu. charged with a lion pass. guard. or. Motto - Sine Metu (Without Fear).

Granted in 1865 to John Jamieson Esg., of Croy, County Dunbarton, Scotland, third son of Michael Jamieson, Esq., of Port Glasgow, Scotland and Grandson of Robert Jamieson, Scotland.

Ar. a fess wavy az. betw. three anchors sa. Crest - a Ship under sail. Motto - Ad Littpra Tendit (It makes for the Shore).

Granted in 1869 to Robert Jarvie Jamieson, Esq., of Glasgow, Scotland. Second son of James Jameson, Esq., of Scotland and Grandson of Michael Jamieson of Scotland, Esq.

Ar. a fess wavy az. betw. three anchors sa. a border of the second. Crest - a Ship under sail. Motto - Ad Littpra Tendit (It makes for the Shore).

Granted in Scotland, date and person unknown.

Ar. two arrows in saltire, points in chief az, cantoned with four cinquefoils of the last. Crest - An antelope trippantor, horned, gu.

Jameson House Arms Shield - Rhodes University - The coat of arms of Jameson House has as its principal charge a silver mace on a red field. This recalls that Sir Leander Starr Jameson was the Prime Minister of the house of Assembly of the Cape of Good Hope (1914 – 1908). The Mace is typically a symbol of Parliament or parliamentary government. The Thistle recalls that Jameson was born in Scotland; and it is balanced by a Fleur-de-lys taken from the coat of arms of the Cape of Good Hope

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