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 Purpose and Goals

The purpose of this website is to study and determine, by using genetic testing, as many different living and historical Jam?son families as possible, based on their distinctly different Jam?son patriarchal Y-DNA profiles. This is not an attempt to determine the general genetic make up of the many different Jameson families, but rather the paternal Jam?son lineage of these different families of those who use the Jam?son surname.

Our goal is that by creating a Y-DNA profile for each of these distinct families, individuals can better determine who belongs and who might not belong to any given family. It is also expected to help in widening existing Jam?son families as well as better understand older historical connections.

This is a private and limited access website, intended for the collaborative use of participating genealogists and like minded family members, as a working area to hopefully better develop and share amongst ourselves.

We work from an included series of skeletal, often incomplete, bare bones collection of genealogies of any Jam?son families we've found, for the purpose of genetic testing of their paternal Jam?son side, as a way to demonstrate and prove their genetic Jam?son pedigrees and family groupings.

Much of the Information contained in these genealogies is unvetted, or unsubstantiated, apart from establishing pedigree, and may not be otherwise corroborated, proven, or cited as to a source. It is not our intention to accurately substantiate or prove Jam?son family histories or other typical genealogical data, but rather to identify and focus on everything we can do, so as to establish direct patriarchal lineages for the purpose of DNA testing and study of those results. Peripheral information, such as military involvement or occupation, even specific dates or burial locations are the heart of most genealogies and family histories, but are not always so important to our purpose and goals. So, we the owners, operators and participants of this site, wish to discourage anyone from using much of the information in our databases without independent confirmation. Furthermore, we assume no responsibility for any information in this part of our site, nor do we wish to share what we don't believe we can stand behind. Almost all of the information we have gathered here is available elsewhere in the public domain and we recommend anyone interested in any other Jam?sons seek such information where it can be been better documented and proven.

On the other hand, because our focus is on genetics, you can rely on the DNA part of this website, and the results it implies or proves, is as accurate and well researched as we can determine.

What you may find here, is also a work in progress and subject to change with not only new found information, but newly considered analysis as well as improvements in technology and recovery.

As always, we would appreciate any and all comments and/or corrections to any information, or anything else pertaining to this website. Contact Us please.