There are several types of DNA testing useful for family history and genealogy research - autosomal (atDNA), which tests for general genetic relationships, mitochondrial (mtDNA), which tests a man or woman along their direct maternal line, Y-Chromosomal (Y-DNA), which tests a male along his direct paternal line, and X-Chromosomal (X-DNA) which tests both men and women primarily towards the maternal line.

Any of these DNA tests can be expected to give some success for at least recent genealogical relationships and for ethnic ancestry. However, for our purposes - determining deep history, patriarchal lineage and especially groupings of various Jam?son families - Y-DNA testing is the best use of genetic testing. The Y-DNA chromosome found in living male descendants is basically identical with his direct line male ancestors, for thousands of generations.

There are several organizations offering DNA testing. Here are a few who offer testing and have active Jam?son DNA projects as well:

The Jamison FTDNA Surname Project - at DNA, mt DNA, Y-DNA

The Jamison DNA Project at World Families - mt DNA, Y-DNA

Ancestry - atDNA

All Jam?sons everywhere are strongly encouraged to have a direct male descendant in your family Y-DNA tested and included with an official Jam?son project. This is the only way in which to determine which Jam?son belongs with what family. Finding our ancestors using DNA requires the comparison of data from many people. Given enough data, we will be able to work our way back in time to ever more distant ancestors. Even if you already know your own Jam?son ancestry, your individual DNA data is important to the larger group effort. Our knowledge of all Jam?son famililies will grow as more people participate. It is easy to do and worthwhile. Please contact us if you have any questions about this, or about any Jam?son DNA surname project. Or go HERE if you have any questions about DNA testing or would like to sign up for your own test.

Go for our Jam?son family Y-DNA study

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